Published: 15 February 2017

Top jobs with a chemical engineering degree

Find out what you could do with a degree in chemical engineering and discover some of the jobs Surrey engineering graduates have secured over the past few years.

Chemical Engineering plant

Chemical engineers make a real difference to society by applying science and technology to everyday problems.

We believe that, to keep pace with industry, tomorrow’s engineers not only need to be able to design, implement and operate increasingly diverse processes, but must also be capable of evaluating the true cost of investment decisions to society and the natural environment.

Our degrees in Chemical Engineering will suit students wanting to enter the oil and gas sector or other traditional chemical industries; our courses in Chemical and Bio-Systems Engineering contain more biologically based material and so are more geared to working in the pharmaceutical, water or food sectors; and our Chemical and Petroleum Engineering programmes (which include oil-specific modules and a major project on gas or oil) will be relevant to those aiming for a career in the oil and gas industry.

When I further researched the degree programme and wider professional field, I was particularly drawn by the vast range of opportunities for chemical engineers to apply their skills to tackle global challenges - whether that is future energy use, healthcare and wellbeing, food and water or consumer goods - Matt Prescott, MEng Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering graduate jobs

Chemical engineers work across a range of sectors in the UK and overseas, and are increasingly sought by speciality chemical industries that manufacture high-­value­-added products.

Chemical engineers on average earn more than any other engineering discipline and graduates are consistently paid more than chemists and other scientists. The high salaries paid reflect the level of responsibility and importance which chemical engineering graduates quickly attain.

At Surrey, our graduate employment record is excellent. This demonstrates the strength of our programmes in preparing you for the world of work and the substantial benefits of undertaking our Professional Training placement programme.

Our Personal and Professional Skills programme is undoubtedly another factor in the exceptional employment record of our graduates.

Demand for graduates with the specific skills and knowledge gained on our specialised programmes is expected to be high, especially within modern, high-­growth sectors, including:

  • Graduate Quality Assurance Engineer, Essentra (2015 graduate)
  • Graduate Process Engineer, PM Group (2015 graduate)
  • Graduate Engineer, Inutec (2015 graduate)
  • Graduate Chemical Engineer, Air Products Europe Inc (2015 graduate)
  • Graduate Engineer, Jacob Infrastructure (2015 graduate)

I believe that Surrey has given me everything that I came to university hoping to achieve: life-long friendships, a solid degree and a graduate job in my industry of choice - Bianca Borg, MEng Chemical Engineering

  • Distillation and Lubes Applications Contact Engineer, ExxonMobil (2014 graduate)
  • Graduate Chemical Engineer, Whitefox Technologies (2014 graduate)
  • Process Engineer, Air Products (2014 graduate)
  • Development Engineer, UOP (2014 graduate)
  • Technical Sales Engineer, Pall Corporation (2014 graduate)

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