Published: 03 November 2015

A week in the life of a biosciences student

From lab sessions to lunch by the campus lake, discover a typical week in the life of a first-year biosciences student at the University of Surrey.

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You’re encouraged to think independently and critically analyse every topic learnt.

Sanjana Bhaskar, Biotechnology


  • 10am – Chemistry and Maths for Biosciences lecture
  • 12pm – Microbial Growth and Genetics lecture
  • 1pm – Lunch by the lake
  • 2pm – Cell biology practical in the lab
  • 5pm – Bee decline in the UK lecture
  • 7pm – Cook and eat dinner with housemates


  • 9am – Seminar on Chemistry & Maths for Biosciences
  • 11am – Respiratory Infections lecture
  • 12pm – Meet course mates for picnic lunch on the sofas in Hillside
  • 1pm – Walk over to the Library and Learning Centre to work on assignment
  • 2pm – Developments in Detection of Early Stage Cancer lecture
  • 3pm – Head Back to Library to continue working on assignment 
  • 8pm – Dinner with housemates, followed by some essential course reading


  • 8am – Pop over to the Surrey Sports Park for an early morning swim
  • 10am – Practical Chemistry lab session – learn how to use diagnostic equipment
  • 1:30pm  Home for lunch
  • 3pm – Assignment work
  • 6pm – Early dinner with housemates, followed by trip to the cinema

Biosciences lab session

See what happens during a microbial and cellular sciences lab session.

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  • 10am – Microscopy and Identification of Fungi practical lab session
  • 12pm – Cell Biology lecture
  • 1:30pm – Gym session at Surrey Sports Park, then back to halls for essay prep and reading
  • 5pm – Personal tutor group meeting
  • 7pm – Dinner and essential course reading, then catch up on a TV box set with housemate


  • 9am – Group study session to work on the production of Bioscience magazine
  • 12pm – Cell Biology lecture
  • 2pm – Group session in the library, followed by assignment work
  • 4pm – Shopping in Guildford
  • 7pm – Takeaway curry with housemates, then to the Students’ Union for “Flirt” night

In my first semester, I met lots of people through rowing for the University. I’ve now joined Surrey RAG (Raising and Giving). 

Matt Eastland-Jones, Biological Sciences


  • 9am – Surrey Sports Park for a swim
  • 10:30am - Campus laundrette and library
  • 12:30pm – Meet friend for lunch in Guildford town centre, then back home for a study session (preparing for essays/revision)
  • 6pm – Night out with friends from other halls. Eat an early dinner before walking in to Guildford for drinks at Tickled Ivory


  • Lie in! 
  • 11am – Weekly shop at Tesco
  • 1:30pm – Roast dinner with housemates, followed by walk by the river
  • 7pm – Quiz night at the local pub

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