Hybrid learning experience

At Surrey, we want to ensure that you have a supportive, diverse and vibrant learning experience. Since 2020 we have adapted the way we teach to ensure we all stay safe. We call it “hybrid education” – a blend of online and campus-based learning. Committed to enabling students to study successfully in a digital environment, all taught students are provided with free, personal, digital copies of their essential textbooks.

Teaching and assessment - 2021/22 academic year

Many of our students have enjoyed the flexibility that our new way of learning and teaching offers and for the 2021/22 academic year we will continue to deliver a mix of face-to-face and online teaching and assessments. Most lectures will be delivered through captured content, while labs and tutorials will be timetabled for face-to-face delivery with the possibility of social distancing protocols. In semester 1 of 2021/22, assessments will remain online, with only a small number of exceptions.

Our on-campus learning facilities and student support services are all open as before already and we anticipate that students can return fully to campus as usual from September. Of course, we’re also planning for other possibilities should there be any delays to the government’s roadmap.

What is hybrid learning and how does it work?

Hybrid education is a mix of online course delivery with face-to-face sessions for elements of your course which can be delivered safely in person bearing in mind government guidelines.

You can find further information about how this will apply to your chosen programme and modules.

Our campus learning facilities and laboratories are open, but with added safety measures.

You’ll also continue to benefit from the University’s support services, for help and advice on matters such as finance, healthcare and wellbeing, and faith.

To find out more about the Covid-secure measures we have put in place to keep our community safe, please visit our coronavirus website.

Hybrid education principally provides lectures online via captured content through a virtual learning environment, for example, voiceover PowerPoint, podcasts etc.

In most cases, lectures will not be timetabled for face-to-face delivery but will be delivered in this online format via captured content. Core programme materials including guided learning and other resources are also provided on the virtual learning environment.

Given the risk of further Covid-19 lockdowns, the hybrid education model has also been designed by the University so that your course can be delivered fully online for at least short-term periods (and in many cases long terms periods) should the University be subject to stringent local or national lockdown restrictions that might prevent access to campus facilities.

Most tutorials/seminars/workshops, lab-based, studio-based and simulation-based sessions are currently timetabled for in-person delivery. These will be delivered in accordance with government guidance. Students will be expected to attend these face-to-face sessions, however, where you are unable to attend due to extenuating Covid-19 related exceptions or other agreed extenuating circumstances, online access to these sessions will also be provided where possible.

In the event of a Covid-19 lockdown which would prevent face-to-face sessions, the University has measures in place to ensure that such sessions can either be delivered via an alternative online format or rescheduled for delivery at a later point in the academic year.

All assessments in hybrid education are administered online using the virtual learning environment.

A message from our Chief Student Officer, Lucy Evans

Lucy Evans discusses the changes that we are making at the University of Surrey in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and shares advice for prospective students who might be starting out on their university research journey, or transitioning from school or college to university for the first time.

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