Theoretical Nuclear Physics STFC Studentship

A UKRI funded studentship to work in theoretical nuclear physics.


This studentship is provided by UKRI to contribute to the theoretical nuclear physics work undertaken by the University of Surrey in the School of Mathematics and Physics.  Our work seeks to understand properties of nuclei – how they are built up from the protons and neutrons and nuclear forces from which they are made; how the equations of quantum mechanics can be solved to explain nuclear properties; and how nuclei react together in laboratories as well as in processes such in stellar nucleosynthesis.

We work together with experimental colleagues to help explore the nuclear world, and have strong links with industry where we help to develop understanding for practical problems such as nuclear fusion.  Project work in the group tends to be either mathematical and computational.  Some of our work makes use of high performance computer clusters, while other techniques include development of quantum computing algorithms.  In all cases, we are interested in push the boundaries of existing theories, making links with allied research areas, and seeking new and deeper understanding of the natural world.

For more information about the group’s work see  Please contact Dr Paul Stevenson for informal enquiries.

Eligibility criteria

Open to any UK or international candidates. Up to 30% of our UKRI funded studentships can be awarded to candidates paying international rate fees. Find out more about eligibility

How to apply

Applications should be submitted via the Physics PhD programme page. In place of a research proposal you should upload a document stating the title of the project that you wish to apply for and the name of the relevant supervisor.

Studentship FAQs

Read our studentship FAQs to find out more about applying and funding.

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Paul Stevenson
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Telephone: +44 (0)1483 686796

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