Unable to attend

If you are not awarded at the time of your graduation ceremony but have booked to attend, we will automatically refund your tickets after the ceremonies have taken place. If you have hired robes, please see our getting a refund page for more information.

If you or any of your guests are no longer able to attend your graduation and would like a refund of your tickets please email ceremonies@surrey.ac.uk.

In most cases your certificate will be posted to you. Please ensure the University’s Student Services and Administration team has the correct postal address for you by checking student self-service.

Defer your graduation

Please email ceremonies@surrey.ac.uk to confirm you will not be attending and when you wish to attend, i.e next year? Please also notify us of the address you wish your information to be posted to.

If you would like to collect your information from Student Services, then please email examinations@surrey.ac.uk to let them know.

The document you will be sent is:

  • Certificate

Note – you are no longer given a final exit transcript – you can access this information on the HEAR website.