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The Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) funds the development of research, rather than funding the research itself. The amount of funding available for development projects depends entirely on what the project requires in terms of staff time, purchase of materials, use of equipment and so on.

How much funding can I expect to receive?

The maximum amount of IAA funding per project is £50,000 and all resources must be clearly justified. However, if milestones and deliverables are met in the agreed project timescale, further funding from the IAA may be available. The IAA expects to see matched funding from the external collaborator, with the contribution either as cash or in-kind.

How do I apply?

Whether you're an external organisation, looking to work with the University, or an academic, unsure as to how to proceed, it is advised that you contact the IAA Manager in the first instance. The IAA Manager will then talk through your idea and help you to complete the application form so it meets the requirements of the review panel. If you are an external organisation, the IAA Manager can put you in touch with an academic here at Surrey.

The application process is very simple; fill in the online application form (to be completed by the Surrey academic). You are asked to provide detail on the background to your project idea, the roadmap and milestones for completing it using IAA funds and any IP considerations. In addition to this, there are a few basic questions on start dates, project length, funding breakdown etc.

Once your application form is formally submitted, it will be reviewed by an expert panel with a decision given following the next IAA Project Board meeting (details of which will be published on the website in advance). Further details of the application procedure can be found on the information for academics page.

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