Strategy Advisory Board

The Strategy Advisory Board is fundamental to the running of 5G/6GIC, incorporating both advisory and governance roles.


The responsibilities of the Strategy Advisory Board include the following key functions to agree on:

  • Core research themes and approve the core research projects identified by the University to be undertaken under the core research programme and generally advise on, and encourage good research practice (such as the appointment of industry mentors' to support specific research areas)
  • Principles around 5G/6GIC IP exploitation and contributions to standards bodies if made
  • Appropriate mechanisms for the approval of the use of background IP in core research projects.

The Strategy Advisory Board

The Strategy Advisory Board is comprised of representatives from our members.

Chairman of the Board

Professor David Hendon
Visiting Professor

Board members

Aeroflex (Cobham)
Li-Ke Huang
Research and Technology Director

Aircom (TEOCO)
Dimitris Dernikas
Head of RAN Solutions

Chris Nokes
Principal Engineer - Distribution Core Technologies

Paul Crane
Head of Wireless, Network Services and Sustainability

Paul Ceely
Head of Network Strategy

Sunil Vadgama

Peiying Zhu
Fellow/Senior Director, Wireless Technology Lab

Philip Marnick

Rohde & Schwarz
Ralph Gibbemeyer

Howard Benn
Head of Standards and Industrial Affairs

Brendan O’Rourke - CIO
David Owens - Technology Strategist

Luke Ibbetson
Group R&D Director