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We have extracted all the distinctive ideas from around the world and in particular from those leading organisations and industrial companies who are likely to have the most impact in shaping the direction of 5G and 6G.

Creating a regulatory framework for high-quality universal mobile coverage that unlocks growth across the UK

The UK has fallen well short of its original 5G ambitions. There is insufficient ‘quality’ mobile coverage. Our experts have analysed the role of mobile regulation in this coverage shortfall. The finding is a significant ‘pro-investment deficit’ in the UK’s current ageing mobile regulatory framework. A relatively simple piece of legislation could put this right. It would deliver the better performing 5G and later 6G mobile infrastructure needed for a flourishing digital economy in every part of the UK.

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6G wireless: A new strategic vision

In this white paper, we leverage the wealth of technical and commercial experience of the industry partners of our 5G/6G Innovation Centre and set out a commercially credible vision for the successor to 5G.

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