MAC, RRM and RAN management

The aim of this work area is to optimise the use of resources within a resource limited network and to orchestrate resources from different networks while satisfying the quality of experience requirements of each user.


We investigate better radio resource management to achieve higher spatial reuse through dense small cell deployment and flexible access. Our research scope includes medium access control (MAC) protocol design for small cells, multiple radio access technologies (multi-RATs), spectrum sharing in heterogeneous networks (HetNets), and radio access network (RAN) architecture design for efficient operation. We also pay attention to the energy efficiency of the network operations.

While the solutions will introduce more sophisticated and organised management of radio resource, we seek self-configuration and automation in network operation to address complexity. Our research work also explores the use of machine learning techniques to deal with the complexity in radio resource and network management.

Our target is to design solutions that give:

  • Higher overall network capacity
  • Lower energy consumption with better energy efficiency
  • Zero effort in network configuration and management.

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Dr Chuan Foh

Project lead for MAC, RRM and RAN management

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