Artificial intelligence for wireless communications

In this research we investigate how to apply the rapidly burgeoning field of artificial intelligence and deep learning to the problems of radio communications links beyond 5G or 6G mobile networks in order to improve their performance and adaptability.


The vision of this research is to deliver a transformative artificial intelligence technology that can make a paradigm shift of wireless communication systems design from the conventionally hand-engineered approaches to AI-engineered (or AI-inspired) approaches. It is our aim to develop novel AI technologies for 5G, 5G+ and 6G mobile system identification and adaptation, new modulation and coding, future high-resolution communications, new MIMO, cell-less massive MIMO and joint sensing and communications.

The key technical scope of this research includes AI/deep learning:

  • Aided mmWave technology
  • Aided large massive MIMO technology
  • For non-linear wireless systems design and optimisation
  • For satellite communications
  • For source and channel coding
  • For ultra-reliable and low-latency communication
  • For cyber-physical systems
  • For high-accuracy radio positioning and sensing.

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Professor Yi Ma

Project lead in artificial intelligence for wireless communications