Intelligent and high-performance networking and service delivery

This research covers the topics of future networking, network management and service delivery technologies in 5G, 5G+ and 6G. These include the development of high performance and flexible networking mechanisms, techniques and protocols, artificial intelligence (AI) driven network and service management, network support for emerging multimedia, extended reality, 'internet of things' and time-synchronous applications with quality of service and quality of experience assurances.


We address technical challenges pertaining to future 5G, 5G+ and 6G networking, network control and management, as well as emerging service delivery technologies. In terms of 5G+, our research covers technical challenges related to intelligent control and management of communication/computing resources and services based on 5G-oriented enablers including SDN/NFV, network slicing and edge computing. Key research topics in this case include:

  • 5G network architecture enhancements and innovation
  • Networking for 5G and satellite backhaul integration
  • AI-driven traffic classification, network slicing and service function chaining
  • Edge computing for 4K/8K video, VR/AR, basic holographic telepresence content delivery and IoT applications
  • Network- and transport-layer protocol innovations under 5G environment
  • Intent-based network and service management and orchestration automation
  • Network resilience including network and service performance assurances against anomalies/failures.

Beyond the 5G paradigm, it is expected that most of the above-mentioned topics will be naturally evolved into the 6G era. Additionally, the research also aims to tackle brand new requirements from both envisaged and not-yet-envisaged applications, based on which radical network architectures, clean-slate protocols and mechanisms will be explored. We will also investigate new business models and technologies associated with diverse supply chains in the 6G ecosystem, as well as future borderless network of networks integration across heterogeneous ICT infrastructures and capabilities, including but not limited to: mobile networks, satellite networks (with dual roles of backhauling and direct user device access services), fixed Internet, data centres, cloud/edge computing and software resources.

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