Antennas and signal processing

These activities relate to the development of RF components and subsystems, and their related baseband techniques, particularly considering the new frequencies being adopted for 5G and beyond. We also work on characterisation and control of the radio environment.


Our Antennas and Signal Processing Lab focuses on developing fundamental research into practice in the interdisciplinary area of antennas and propagation, signal processing, millimetre-wave and 'internet of things' technologies for mobile and satellite applications, and aims to bring digital closer to the RF and antennas.

Key research areas include:

  • Antennas and arrays for base station, satellite and radar
  • mmWave and THz antennas
  • mmWave and THz propagation and OAM
  • Meta-antenna, large intelligent surface, exposure and coupling manipulation
  • Software-defined mmWave/THz transceiver systems
  • Sub-Nyquist sampling and machine learning from theory to practice
  • 'Internet of things' systems from antennas to signal processing.

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Professor Yue Gao

Project lead for antennas and signal processing

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