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Collaboration in sustainability

The University of Surrey has a proud history of collaboration, and this is a guiding principle for the Institute for Sustainability. Our partnerships bring together social and natural scientists, technologists and non-academic stakeholders in the public, private and third sector. 

Collaboration enables us to undertake impactful research, drive innovation and enterprise, and influence policy, helping governments to put the right regulations in place to tackle sustainability issues.

International networks

The Institute for Sustainability and the University have partnerships with universities and business partners around the globe. Our collaborations with these partners centre around research projects, student and staff exchanges, and visits and tours which create a fertile knowledge exchange across our global network.

The Institute benefits from Surrey’s membership of the University Global Partnership Network (UGPN) along with three other leading institutions: NC State University, University of São Paulo and University of Wollongong. Together, these partners work to address global challenges. The UGPN Annual Conference in 2022 was focused on how UGPN partnerships can make a difference to sustainability in research and education.

We also have partnerships with the following universities around the world:

Collaborate with us

The Institute is continually developing its network of partners from academia, government and industry, across the UK and globally. If you’d like to discuss possible opportunities for collaborating with us, we would love to hear from you.

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Nathalie Hinds

Director, Institute Operations, Innovation and Partnerships

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