Apply for a visa

To study at the University of Surrey, international students require a Student visa.

Applying for a Student visa outside the UK

The Student Visa is part of the Points Based System for immigration (PBS), operated by the Home Office.

It costs £490 to apply for a Student visa from outside the UK. You will also pay £490 for each dependant applying with you (see below for advice on applying with dependants).

To apply for a Student visa you must: 

For more details and to apply, visit the government visas and immigration website

Applying for a Student visa inside the UK

Applications must be made online, using the Student visa application form available on the site. There are two types of applications:

  • Extend your existing Tier 4 or Student visa
  • Switch to this visa from another visa.

Once you have completed the online application form, paid the application fee of £490 per person and the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) of £470 per year of study (all fees payable by the applicant not the University)  then and registered your details on the UKVCAS site (available at the end of the application form) then it is likely that you will be invited to submit your supporting documents and biometrics via the IDV app. 

If for any reason you are unable to use the app then you will need to book an appointment with UKVCAS to submit your biometrics and upload any supporting documents.

Applying for a Student dependant visa

You can bring your family (spouse and children) to the UK whilst you study if:

  • You are a Government-sponsored student and your course is over six months long, or
  • You are studying a course at Postgraduate level (NQF7) or higher which is 12 months or more in duration
  • For courses that start on or after 1 January 2024, you can only have dependants if your course is a PhD or other doctoral qualification (NQF8), or a research-based higher degree.

In addition you must be over 18, must have sufficient money to support them and the members of your family must be classified as your dependants under UK immigration rules.

The application fee for a dependant visa is the same as a Student visa. Please see relevant prices above.

The following people can come into the UK as your dependants:

  • Your husband or wife (age 18 or over)
  • Your civil partner, same-sex partner, or unmarried partner (age 18 or over).
  • Your children aged under 18 or a child of 18 years old or more, but already in the UK with immigration permission as a dependant child.

Visa compliance

As a Student Visa Sponsor, the University of Surrey is responsible for monitoring students during their studies. We will check your passport and valid leave to remain/enter to ensure that you have a visa linked to the University. If you are a holder of a Tier 4 or Student visa currently linked to another University, you will not be able to register. You will need to make an application for a new visa linked to the University of Surrey before registration can take place.

The University has a duty to report to UK Visas & Immigration if you fail to arrive for the start of the course, withdraw from a course, defer or suspend your studies, complete your course before the expected end date or fail to attend without authorisation from your Faculty. This may lead to your visa being curtailed. You must therefore keep in touch with your Faculty, the Visa Compliance team and the International Student Office at all times, particularly if you encounter any problems before or during your studies.

Please see our institutional policy on students subject to immigration control.

Study as a Visitor

If you are applying to come to the University for a period of study of 6 months or less, for example as part of an exchange programme, a summer school, a modular or distance learning programme or if you are a student returning to the University to complete exams or attend a viva then you may be eligible to apply under the Visitor route.

Please note that for students on courses longer than 6 months the Visitor route should not be used instead of the Student Visa route and it cannot be used for extended periods through frequent or successive use.

Find more details on the GOV website.