Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)

Once you have been offered an unconditional place on one of our programmes, we will issue you with a reference number called a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). You will need to enter this number on to your visa application. 

CAS timeline

  • Stage 1

    Applicant accepts the offer

    Undergraduate: To start the CAS process, you must have accepted us as a firm choice on UCAS.

    Postgraduate: To start the CAS process, you must have firmly accepted your offer by paying any required deposit or supplying evidence of sponsorship / funding. 

  • Stage 2

    CAS request form email sent

    Once the requirements in stage 1 have been met, you will receive an email with instructions of how to complete the CAS request form (CRF) and will be informed of any deadlines that need to be met.

  • Stage 3

    Complete CRF and upload documents

    Once you have received your CAS request form email, you will need to log onto your Surrey Self-Service and go to the tasks section. You must complete the CAS request form task fully before the allotted deadline.

    The form consists of number of questions and checks for you to complete, this form must be completed fully and accurately as it will determine if we are able to issue a CAS and what information will be sent to the UKVI.

    The CAS team may ask you to provide documentation at this stage such as passport and previous VISAs, its important that all request documents are supplied.

  • Stage 4

    Assessment of CRF and documents

    Once you have submitted your CAS request form, the CAS team will assess the answers and documents. This can take up to two weeks form the date of submission.

  • Stage 5

    CRF outcome

    There can be a number of outcomes to the CAS request form:

    • If the CAS team pass the CAS request form and your offer is unconditional already, we will endeavour to issue the CAS within 24 hours provided we do not need any other evidence
    • If the CAS team don't approve your CAS request form we may ask you to re-submit with amended or more detailed answers
    • The CAS team may also request additional documents if needed at this stage based upon your answers
    • The CAS team may also request a pre-CAS interview at this stage and instructions will be sent to you.
  • Stage 6

    CAS statement issued

    Once all checks have been completed and your offer is unconditional already, the CAS team will issue the CAS statement. The CAS statement will come via email from We aim to issue a CAS within 24 hours after all the above stages having been passed.

    Please note: we do not issue PDF CAS statements, the CAS statement will be issued via email only.

  • Stage 7

    Check CAS statement

    You are required to check your CAS statement carefully and notify the CAS team of any errors and amendments, this can be done by emailing

    If you have asked for any amendments, please do not use your CAS until the CAS team have confirmed they have amended the CAS statement. Please note you may not receive a new CAS statement as you may just receive an email detailing any amendments.

  • Stage 8

    Submit visa application

    You submit your visa application with the UKVI.