Library Code of Conduct Policy

To support our Customer Charter, this Code of Conduct sets out more detail about the standards we expect.

What we ask of you

As a user of library services and resources we ask you:

  • To carry your university campus card with you at all times to access the Library and resources and never to allow anyone else to use your campus card
  • To treat fellow library users and staff with politeness and respect including in all verbal and written communications
  • To keep noise to a minimum throughout the Library and to keep silent areas silent
  • To take care of all library materials and equipment
  • Not to leave your belongings unattended for prolonged periods or reserve study spaces when you are not present in the Library – unattended belongings may be removed by security or library staff
  • Not to eat hot, messy or smelly food in the Library
  • Not to consume alcoholic beverages in the Library
  • Not to smoke or vape (including the use of e-cigarettes) in the Library
  • To help keep the Library clean and tidy by using bins and recycling facilities
  • Never to access forbidden web material in the Library
  • To leave the Library immediately if the fire alarm sounds
  • To be aware of responsibilities for the health and safety of yourself and others
  • To take care of and responsibility for all items borrowed on your record and return them on time
  • To check and respond to library communications in a timely manner
  • To read and abide by library and IT regulations and policies.