Nature Inspired Computing and Engineering Research Group

Nature presents some of the best examples of how to solve complex problems efficiently and effectively.

In our group, we advance the foundations of artificial intelligence by drawing inspiration from nature and foundational science disciplines, for example from cognitive sciences, including neuroscience and psychology, and also biological systems, including gene regulatory networks, natural evolution, and physical sciences. We apply our techniques to solve real-world problems in healthcare and sustainability, computer vision and robotics, natural language processing, and other areas.

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Professor Ferrante Neri

Head of the Nature Inspired Computing and Engineering Group

I am an all-round academic equally passionate about teaching and research. My teaching expertise is about Mathematical subjects for Computer Science while my research expertise lies at the intersection of Optimisation, Explainable AI, and Machine Learning. I am also happy to serve the community I work for, by undertaking managerial duties.Before joining the faculty at Surrey I w...

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Our @romanbauer111 has been interviewed on AI in Healthcare by @QSCorporate
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PhD opportunity with the NICE research group in Computational Biology!
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