Published: 27 May 2020

‘BóVEDA’ design commended in Spatial Structures Design Competition

Inspired by the bending potential of composite timber, CORE studio has conceived a lattice pavilion structure, earning one of five commendations in Surrey’s Spatial Structures Design Competition.

'BoVEDA' design

The innovative design has been masterminded by Computational Designer Jonathan Cortes-Rodriguez and Principal & CEO Robert Otani, both at CORE studio/Thornton Tomasetti. ‘BóVEDA’, Spanish for ‘vault’, is a small timber lattice pavilion driven by the intersection of three spheres, which results in a vault with arced columns. The design explores the structural potential of the active bending properties of laminated, composite timber members, and how carbon-timber composite can improve flexural strength and ease of fabrication.

The CORE team commented: “Taking cues from existing developments in timber construction such as the Centre-Pompidou-Metz, the design contemplates both a stacked lattice system as well as an interlocking set of timber members for assembly and fabrication.”

The Spatial Structure Design Competition challenged entrants from around the world to design a new spatial structure for Surrey’s campus. Read about the winning design.

Find out more about Spatial Structures 2020/21 (IASS Annual Symposium and Spatial Structures Conference), which has been postponed due to Covid-19 and will now take place from 23 to 27 August 2021.

'BoVEDA' overhead view

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