Published: 23 February 2017

Civil Engineering Students Visit to the Construction Sites in Manor Park and the Guildford Cathedral

Construction site visits help the engineering students to understand the practical aspects of the profession. First year undergraduate students in civil and environmental engineering visited the piling and foundation work for the new residences under construction in Manor Park.

Prior the visit, Prof Steve Baker, director of the building development of the University, provided general information about the new developments and discussed the technical aspects of the project. The following pictures give an overview to the visit.

The students also visited the ongoing development in Guildford Cathedral. This project is a £4.2m contract including the construction of an extraordinary temporary work to remove the asbestos and some other works. At the beginning of the visit, the architect of the project briefed the students about the history of the Cathedral and the current construction. Afterwards, the students in small groups had a chance to climb the scaffolding and to visit the work environment where the project manager talked to them about the technical challenges (see following pictures).

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