Published: 15 May 2017

Community Orchestra

2017 will see the University Orchestra open its doors to young musicians from the local community for the first time.

This will see the most talented orchestral players in the region join forces and perform large-scale works in the musical repertoire, providing a fantastic new resource for the local community.

This initiative hopes to provide an opportunity for young people to work together with the guidance of University expertise, to perform works that are impossible to realise by smaller orchestras and ensembles. As a consequence, the Orchestra will provide an on-going series of events, where members of the local community will join with University staff and students to engage with exceptional educational opportunities and cultural experiences.

The Orchestra will be open to University staff, students and the general public, but primarily focussed on skilled young musicians drawn from local schools. Players will be selected by audition to form a high-quality ensemble capable of delivering outstanding performances of challenging repertoire.

With Russell Keeble as the incumbent orchestra conductor, the Orchestra will launch in October 2017 and will build and rehearse towards an Easter concert in 2018. The orchestra will perform John William's score from Star Wars alongside music from the hit BBC TV show Sherlock, composed by our guest conductor Michael Price.

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