Published: 09 June 2015

Design, Assemble and Dismantle project prize sponsored by Novum Structures LLC

A hands-on project was organised by the Space Structures Research Centre for first year undergraduate students and the prize sponsored by Novum Structures LLC.

The undergraduate students doing Integrated Design 1 module attended a Design, Assemble and Dismantle (DAD) project, as a part of their assignments. Each of the ten groups of students came up with a design idea of a lattice structure in a group meeting, using the available steel tubular members and connections.

Also, they checked the practicality of their design in the teaching lab. Each group assembled and dismantled their structure successfully in a 2.5 hour timeslot from 26 to 29 May 2015 at the Stage by the Lake. Finally, students concluded the project by a group presentation on Friday 29th May, followed by a lecture on lattice spatial structures by Mr Brian Linton, Engineering Manager of Novum Structures UK Ltd.

The two groups achieving the best overall performance awarded certificates and prizes at the end of the lecture.

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