Published: 21 February 2019

Entrepreneurship students working with scale-up companies in partnership with SETsquared

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management MSc at Surrey Business School is delighted to launch its product-market development project in conjunction with SETsquared Partnership based in Surrey Researc

The MSc programme works closely with selected companies to develop strategies for growth, while SETsquared Surrey is the world’s leading university business incubator*.

As part of this project start-up or scale-up companies are selected by SETsquared and Surrey Business School based on criteria where students can add value through their applied research. With product-market development, students develop skills underpinned by industry models and key theories. These skills will be put into practice by the students to help five companies develop plans for growth.

The project requires students to develop a founders' brief in discussions with the companies before they venture out of the classroom to conduct research and help develop a more effective product-market fit for new products.

This year, we are delighted to welcome hotel treats, Swifter Mobile, DinerMojo, todelli and Eventz International as our partner companies.

SETsquared start-up company logos
Our partner companies

* SETsquared, the global number one business incubator, is a long-standing partnership between the universities of Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey which specialises in growing high-tech start-ups through its incubation programme and other business acceleration services. SETsquared provides mentoring, access to investors and corporate innovators and a wide range of industry experts through its network and training programmes. Its business incubation programme is ranked by the University Business Incubator Index as the best in the world and has supported over 3,500 high-tech start-ups to grow and raise more than a £1.5bn of investment.

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