Published: 01 June 2020

Feeding our NHS key workers

Young Dixon, owner of Young's Kitchen on our campus has been feeding NHS key workers instead of students!

Young Dixon

Young’s Kitchen, run by Young Dixon, is the University’s very own Asian influenced restaurant on Stag Hill campus, and is usually bustling with staff and students. Following the government guidelines, all our catering outlets on campus, including Youngs, sadly had to close when lockdown was introduced.

Young’s story starts with a personal tie to the Royal Surrey Hospital; due to his chronic illness, Young’s husband has spent a lot of time being cared for there, so Young visits frequently. She has always felt that “the nurses and doctors are such lovely people and they have always treated both me and my husband with such kindness and care”. These positive experiences during a difficult time for her family have been the catalyst for Young’s determination to give something back in return.

She recently went to collect some medication for her husband and noticed the hospital staff queuing for free food that had been donated. This inspired Young to start up her kitchen again: “As someone with a restaurant who regularly caters for hundreds of people a day, I knew I could do a little bit to help them out.” So far, she has cooked and donated a staggering 800 takeaway meals to the hospital’s frontline staff. “It was very quick and easy for me and one of my colleagues to cook up all these takeaway meals for them. The only hard part was waiting for it all to cool down in the takeaway tubs!” she comments. At Easter, she also generously made and donated beautiful batches of Easter eggs, chocolate brownies and carrot cakes to the hospital.

Young is demonstrating the true spirit of human kindness and her dedication to give something back to her local community is heart-warming and inspiring. It is incredible how, despite not knowing what impact this crisis will have on her restaurant, Young is giving up her time and using her own resources to provide these free meals to the NHS staff. It is clear that Young has a hardworking and selfless nature, and we applaud her passion and her amazing catering skills during this time.

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