Published: 01 November 2018

Meet the team helping to make sport accessible to the community

Meet Georgina Agnies, Sports Participation Manager Surrey Sports Park

Georgina Agnies

Can you tell us a bit about your background and role at Surrey Sports Park?

Since completing my degree in Sports Management, I’ve been working within the sport sector gaining experience within Higher Education, community and National Governing Body settings. At Surrey Sports Park, my role encompasses the management of a portfolio of sports and a team of officers and coaches working towards a Sports Development Strategy. Along with my team, I lead on the design and delivery of a diverse, exciting and innovative programme of sports opportunities which support the growth of sport and physical activity for all. 

Why is sports participation and outreach so important to Surrey Sports Park?

It’s all about the extra benefits doing sport and being active can have on people’s lives. Whether it’s an individual’s goal to be healthier or the mental health benefits of being physically active, then Surrey Sports Park want to be part of it. We have an amazing facility and want it to benefit as many people as possible.  

You work closely with a number of local community groups, schools and colleges – why is this work so significant?

We have lots of fantastic relationships within the local community and continue to grow these relationships. Working with so many different groups not only allows the students or group members to benefit from great programmes and facilities, but also helps us to create a footprint in the local community which I believe can open people’s eyes in terms of what the University has on offer and perhaps raise the aspirations of local young people.

What three things do you think our readers might be surprised to learn about the Sports Parks’ outreach and community work?

  1. We have 2 professional teams based at surrey Sports Park – Surrey Storm (Netball) and Surrey Scorchers (Basketball), both of whom are involved in delivering local sport opportunities for young people
  2. In 2017/18 we worked with over 16,000 School Children on a number of different projects and community outreach work
  3. We have a team dedicated to delivering junior sport and participation opportunities in the local community and at SSP.

What’s on the horizon in the next six months?

Well the next 6 months is more planning for next year, more projects, events and opportunities for more people to get involved. This includes our Summer Open Day on Saturday 27th July, a day for the whole family to come along to Surrey Sports Park to sample the many activities and facilities on offer. Sessions will be suitable for kids of all ages, as well as adults, and will span across exercise classes, racket sports, basketball, netball, pool activities and much more!

To find out more, visit the Surrey Sports Park website.

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