Published: 07 September 2016

Meet the team – Operating Department Practice at Surrey

Staff from the University of Surrey’s Operating Department Practice programme explain how training to become an ODP can unlock doors to a fascinating career.

Operating department practitioners (ODPs) are a vital part of the multidisciplinary operating theatre team, providing a high standard of patient-focused care during anaesthesia, surgery and recovery, responding to patients’ physical and psychological needs.

I enjoy the challenge, there are no ‘easy’ days, and every day is an opportunity to give better patient care and attempt to take on more responsibility in the department - Ashley Hendricks-McKaughan, student

Read about students Katy Bridges and Ashley Hendricks-McKaughan and their experiences on the programme.

The Operating department practitioner programme at Surrey

Find out more about the operating department practitioner role and discover why our dedicated staff are passionate about training the next generation of ODPs.

The University of Surrey offers a DipHE Operating Department Practice programme that combines Professional Training in NHS Trusts with expert teaching, guidance and support from the University’s highly-qualified staff.

This feature was originally posted on 23 October 2013.

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