Published: 01 June 2020

Midhurst Angels supporting local residents

Claire Nicholas, member of the Information Compliance team has been working with Midhurst Angels supporting local residents.

Claire Nicholas

Claire Nicholas is supporting the Covid-19 Midhurst Angels: a group of enthusiastic volunteers who are dedicating their spare time to assist members of their local community who need some help during this period of isolation.

Claire explains why she chose to support this group: “They sounded vibrant and efficient, and very dedicated to helping the community. I’m so pleased that I found them; they really are an absolutely awesome group of volunteers and, as a local resident, it makes me feel more secure knowing they’re looking out for people.”

Lending a hand by sharing her expertise, Claire helped the group in her spare time by wording their privacy notice. Now she is part of the team of volunteers who offer to phone members of the local community who feel vulnerable for any reason, or just need a friendly chat.

“By coincidence, I used to work with one of the ladies I speak to (she’s since changed her surname so I didn’t realise straight away!) so it’s been lovely to be in touch with her again after all these years.

“I also phone a gentleman as a favour to his daughter who lives in Scotland, just to check in with him and make sure he’s ok. When his 90th birthday was approaching, I let Midhurst Angels know and they arranged for his neighbours to come out of their houses and sing happy birthday, and left a birthday cake on his doorstep. He was so overwhelmed as he wasn’t expecting anything.

“It’s a big boost when you know you’re doing something that is appreciated, and to be honest I didn’t think I would get as much out of these phone calls as I do, but it’s been an unexpected pleasure.”

It’s lovely to recognise the positives that have emerged from this emergency; people are more friendly and caring, and our sense of community hasn’t been this strong for years. Challenging times do unite people, and the kindness of strangers is a very powerful tool indeed.

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