press release
Published: 04 December 2023

New AI tool lets users generate hi-res images on their own computer

A new tool promises to bring low-cost, high-resolution artificial intelligence (AI) image generation to a wider audience. It can achieve this without powerful computers behind a paywall.

Up until now, to create a high-quality AI image, users had to subscribe to a service like Midjourney or DALLE-3, or buy their own very powerful computers.

DemoFusion, developed at the Surrey Institute for People-Centred AI, lets users generate a basic image using a freely-available, open source AI model like Stable Diffusion, then enhance it, adding more detail and features, at much higher resolution. The necessary computing power is available on any mid-range gaming PC or a Mac M1.

To achieve high-resolution results using ordinary, open-source AI tools, the team first generated low-resolution images, then enhanced them. This is not an upscaling method – but instead coaxes more detail out of the AI model, by working across the image in patches, improving detail and resolution by at least 16 times.