Published: 13 August 2020

Paper development workshop - Resetting the sustainable development goals

The workshop Resetting the Sustainable Development Goals: Implications for Management Research and Practice was set up as part of a project supported by the University Global Partnership Network (UGPN).

The event which took place on Thursday 30 July was hosted and jointly developed by the Centre for Social Innovation Management and the Centre for Environment and Sustainability, as well as the School of Economics, Business Administration and Accounting, and the Production Engineering School, University of São Paulo, Brazil.

The recent ‘world (dis)order' has exacerbated the challenges of achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), calling for a reflection on future directions. Given that a key mandate of management research is to turn complex problems into manageable solutions, the workshop was set up to discuss the role of management research in ‘resetting’ SDGs.

Many insights were raised by the guest speakers including the need to translate the SDGs instead of resetting them. Insights were based on the experiences of those that demonstrated resilience and self-organising capabilities under this 'unintended mega-experiment' triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

With thanks to our leading academics and editorial members of top management journals that took part in the workshop:

  • Professor Cory Searcy, Journal of Business Ethics
  • Dr Cecilia Almedia, Journal of Cleaner Production
  • Dr Itziar Castello, Business & Society
  • Professor Jeremy Hall, Journal of Engineering & Technology Management