Published: 28 August 2018

Professor Peter Hegarty presents as key note speaker at the PS Psychology of Sexualities Conference 2018

Professor Peter Hegarty kicked of talks at the PS Psychology of Sexualities 20th Anniversary Conference 1998-2018.

Acting as the first key note speaker on both days of the conference, Professor Hegarty's talk entitled "Reflecting Back, Looking Forwards" looked into the history of sexualities in psychology, covering aspects of subjectivities, biological essentialism, Galtonian normativity, homosexuality and genius, research on lesbian mothers and the shift in research questions for sexuality research.

Other attendees of the conference gave talks, displayed posters, presented research and formed active discussions around LGBT+ Psychology research. The conference celebrated twenty years since the Psychology of Sexualities Section (previously the Lesbian & Gay Psychology Section) was founded.

Peter Hegarty delivering his key note speach
Peter Hegarty delivering his key note speech

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