Published: 09 July 2021

Research from CTS was presented at eLex 2021

Three studies from the Centre for Translation Studies (CTS) were presented at eLex 2021, 05-07 July 2021.

This year's eLex conference had the topic of "Post-editing Lexicography", and CTS members participated presenting three papers:

  1. Taking a broad view of post-editing lexicography, by Ana Frankenberg-Garcia
  2. How useful are writing assistants to researchers with English as a Second Language? A review of existing tools, by Gustavo Zomer and Ana Frankenberg-Garcia
  3. Measuring User Workload in e-Lexicography with the NASA Task Load Index, by Geraint Paul Rees

The studies were presented in two panel sessions: Automated Lexicography and Pedagogical Lexicography.

Further details about the related research can be found in the extended abstracts, available at

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