Published: 25 July 2017

Smart textiles for wearable energy sources

ATI researchers led by Prof Ravi Silva are developing a revolutionary technology that will allow people to act as their own “power source” by wearing clothing such as “smart” shirts and shoes that harvest and store electricity.

Professor Ravi Silva, director of the ATI and the principal supervisor of this project, said: “Wearable TENGs can be made from natural fabrics, such as cotton or wool, so the idea is carbon-friendly and a “renewable” technology, and could be used for years. 

“We’re looking forward to creating systems to generate power that have the advantages of being portable, autonomous and self-powered.”

This research is expected to benefit people worldwide in areas of wearable and portable electronics, information and communication, medical applications, and industrial sectors. 

Triboelectric energy generation on the ATI research pages.

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