Published: 18 March 2020

Students launch #GuildfordCrowd in partnership with Guildford Borough Council, local businesses and charities

A launch event sponsored by Guildford Borough Council took place on campus last week and invited academics, representatives from the council, local businesses and charities to celebrate the launch of seven individual crowdfunding campaigns.

Last week Surrey Business School postgraduate students launched #GuildfordCrowd a collaborative crowdfunding project as part of the Digital Project Development module. In February students met with seven charities selected by the Business School and Guildford Borough Council to plan how their theoretical learning and practical skills could be combined to influence online networks to achieve several charity funding goals.

Students presented their campaigns to an audience and as a collective raised a fantastic £1,600. Jim Sears, MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management Programme Leader, commented on the success of the event: "The #GuildfordCrowd Launch Party was a resounding success. The real winner though is the community, who came to see these great projects get off to a flying start.” 

Lead Councillor for Community Health, Support and Wellbeing, Guildford Borough Council, Julia McShane said: “It was a brilliant evening, fantastic to see students from all over the world joining local charities to help raise funds to support projects in Guildford. I was proud to represent Guildford in what has the potential to develop worthwhile, collaborative projects all across the borough.”

The module provides the opportunity for students to learn more about their local community while increasing their digital media skills and adopting all the skills required to generate interest in their projects. Over the next two months, students will continue to use digital methods to increase support for their campaigns in the hope of fulfilling their project objectives.

Find out more about the projects:

Bigger. Better. Summer

Blades of Glory


Care for the Cherries

Joy Beyond Sight

Life is Outdoors at Wood Street School

Trees4Uganda: Plant for the Future


Hear from the Student Digital Team who are working behind-the-scenes to represent the campaigns on the Gaggle Connect platform.

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