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Published: 16 April 2018

Surrey academics join collaborative project to enable Gift Aid on card donations

Charities across the UK are missing out on millions of pounds each year due to donors not adding Gift Aid onto donations. Swiftaid will enable Gift Aid to be automatically added onto any card donation via banking apps, once a donor has signed up to the service.

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The project, in collaboration with Streeva and Creditcall, has been awarded a co-funded grant of £460,000 by Innovate UK to combine new technologies with the aim of streamlining the attachment of Gift Aid to card donations. This process will make giving more through Gift Aid easier for donors and charities.

The University of Surrey team will be led by Professor Steve Schneider, Director of The Surrey Centre for Cyber Security (SCCS), with support from Dr François Dupressoir and Dr David Williams. SCCS will carry out research to provide a security analysis of the system, with a focus on Protocol Formal Analysis.

Dr Philip Godsiff from Surrey’s Centre for the Digital Economy (CoDE) will further support the project by helping Streeva identify the most appropriate blockchain or distributed ledger technology and develop a business case for distributing the technology to stakeholders. 

Professor Schneider said: “Swiftaid will significantly increase the amount of money collected on behalf of charities, as donors will be able to sign-up once to enable Gift Aid on all donations made on their payment cards.

“As technology moves forward and card payments remain the leading form of payment, it is vital that there is a solution for attaching Gift Aid to card donations while protecting the donor’s privacy.

“Surrey’s leading research from SCCS and CoDE will provide the foundations for a secure and practical system to help streamline Gift Aid donations.”

Beth Michael, COO and Co-Founder of Streeva, added "It is our mission with Swiftaid to make giving more through Gift Aid an effortless experience, increasing the amount of money charities receive without costing donors more."

Streeva are focussed on building a platform that will bring a range of exciting and valuable services to digital payments. They are always keen to hear from capable, creative engineers to join their team.

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