Published: 07 February 2017

Surrey Business School wins over €200,000 EU funding for design innovation of urban living across Europe

Surrey Business School project DESIGNSCAPES “Building Capacity for Design enabled Innovation in Urban Environments” has won funding from the European Commission’s research Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.

  • The total funding for this 4-year project is €4M with a consortium comprising of 12 partners across 10 EU countries, Surrey’s share is € 222,582

  • The proposal and project is led by the Department for Business Transformation and Sustainable Enterprise’s Professor Lampros Stergioulas and Dr Munir Abbasi

This project aims at realising a better uptake, further enhancement and up-scaling of design led innovation in European cities; through innovation generating initiatives as well as capacity building for multiple stakeholder groups including citizens, researchers, practitioners and policy makers.

In so doing, it will foster the links between research, policy and practice and contribute to making Europe a global leader in this domain.

The overall concept of DESIGNSCAPES comprises off our key aspects: (1) focus on design enabled innovation in urban environments (2) linking experiments with theory and practice of “the economy of cities’’ (3) holistic and encompassing evaluative frameworks (4) activities and measures to build the capacity of involved professionals, from the public and private sector.

First steps will include developing a ‘City Snap Shot’ to identify opportunities and challenges for design enabled innovations across Europe; in order to define a ‘DESIGNSCAPES Framework’ for the impact and scalability potential of existing and upcoming initiatives. This will be based on four building blocks: 1) Participatory Action Research 2) Theory of Change 3) Behavioural Additionality 4) Replication Analysis.

Professor Lampros Stergioulas said: “The perfect evaluation score of our proposal (15 out of 15) provides us with an ideal starting point. We are really excited to work on this highly promising project, and as the leader of the impact and sustainability strategies, the Surrey team will have a significant role to play in helping the project deliver long-term impact and high-quality research outputs for Surrey”.

Dr Munir Abbasi further added: “I am really delighted with this wonderful result for us! It is a great success and amazing achievement for the University of Surrey. We are now leading the evaluation framework, impact and sustainability strategy and I’m excited to work on this highly favourable project”.


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