Published: 03 March 2020

Surrey Innovation and Digital Enterprise Academy (SurreyIDEA), with Andy Adcroft

SurreyIDEA needs you! 

SurreyIDEA is a trailblazing initiative that relies on the community to help create the next generation of business students, young entrepreneurs and digital economy disruptors. Specifically, through ‘Idea in a Day’, our one-day digital hackathon that engages local teens at an unprecedented level, helping them prepare for university, careers and life in a fast-moving world that prizes unlikely ideas and unexpected connections.

SurreyIDEA is inspired by, and developed from, our highly successful Young Person’s University programme that we’ve run here at the Surrey Business School every July since 2015. The 30-40 local Year 12 and 13 students who attend each year are bright, motivated and often incredibly entrepreneurial, but many don’t aspire to attend university and so drop out of education after A-levels.

We can’t let their extraordinary potential go untapped, so we give them a chance to see if university really is for them. After a week with us, most go on to apply to university – and usually get in. ‘Everyone wins,’ enthuses Andy. ‘Students, families, communities and the UK economy’s skill set. And it starts with personal triumphs and local successes.’


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