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Published: 26 April 2018

Surrey to investigate how tourism affects communities 8,000 miles apart

The University of Surrey is investigating how communities in Cornwall, UK and Paternoster, South Africa are delving into the tourism industry to manage the decline of agriculture, fishing and mining in their area.

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The new comparative study – led by Surrey’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management and the Human Science Research Council in South Africa – has been given £9,000 by the British Academy as part of its Newton Mobility Grants scheme.

The study will determine how people living 8,130 miles apart in the UK and South Africa cope with changes to their key industries, the role tourism plays in diversifying local livelihoods, what obstacles individuals face to enter the tourism industry and how these changes impact gender and community relations.

Dr Albert Kimbu from the University of Surrey said: “We live in a fast-moving world and sometimes we do not appreciate just how much has changed in a short period of time. This is a great opportunity for the University of Surrey and our partners to investigate just how people in these two marginalised regions of their respected countries have coped with the loss of key industries.”

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