Published: 18 March 2024

Surrey launches joint research centre with SII-DUFE

Watch a short video showing Professor Amelia Hadfield's recent visit to Surrey International Institute-Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (SII-DUFE) in China.

In early March 2024, Professor Amelia Hadfield undertook her first trip to the University of Surrey’s campus in Dalian, China: the Surrey International Institute (SII), affiliated with the Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE). Following a trip in autumn 2023 by other members of FASS, Professor Hadfield’s visit had a number of key components: intensive meetings on governance structures and envisaged changes with SII and DUFE members of staff, increasing her familiarity with the pedagogic, administrative, pastoral and employability structures of SII-DUFE, and getting acquainted with students across the three UG pathways of International Business Management, Accounting and Finance and International Tourism Management. 

Amelia was also present at a key development of SII-DUFE, namely the unveiling of the new Joint Research Centre, a forum designed to promote both the visibility and impact of research currently undertaken by SII-DUFE colleagues in areas broadly correspondent with – but not limited to – SII-DUFE’s taught pathways. The JRC now enables SII-DUFE staff to work collegially to develop research prowess in three research communities: within SII itself, within the wider SII-DUFE circle, as well as with their counterparts in FASS’s Surrey Business School and the School of Tourism and Hospitality on individual and collaborative research projects, co-publications, conference outputs, and external funding opportunities. In this way, the JRC widens the prospective outputs of SII-DUFE from solely teaching-based to research at a core form of teaching, training and outputs, in ways that link its staff (and prospective PGR cohorts) to new research communities, and enhance opportunities for producing relevant research that contributes more visibly and viably to the University of Surrey as a whole.

The new joint research centre, building on the long-standing partnership between the University of Surrey and the Surrey International Institute at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, will, for the first time, bring together research-active staff at both institutions. It is an exciting new initiative which will encourage innovative research in key areas, including business management, accounting and finance, and tourism and hospitality, thereby building on the University’s acknowledged research strength in these areas.”  – Patrick Degg, VP Global

“It was a real privilege not only to be part of the team that helped to establish the JRC within the new forms of governance developing between SII-DUFE and the University of Surrey, but to be present at its March 2024 launch alongside executives of SII, DUFE, and a range of other high-quality universities in the region. I’m excited about the wide range of opportunities that can flow from the JRC, both as an in-situ forum within SII and a bridge to facilitate new and complementary research agendas with University of Surrey counterparts.” – Professor Amelia Hadfield, Associate Vice President for External Engagement


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