Published: 14 July 2015

Surrey professor receives top award at the International Society of Industrial Ecology conference

The 8th biennial conference of the International Society of Industrial Ecology (ISIE) was held at the University of Surrey on 7th to 10th July.

At each conference, the ISIE awards the Society Prize “in recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of Industrial Ecology”.  This year the Prize was awarded to Emeritus Professor Roland Clift, founding Director of Surrey’s Centre for Environmental Strategy (CES), past President of the Society and Chair of the 2015 conference.

Professor Clift said:

“It has been immensely rewarding to be part of the emergence of industrial ecology as an approach to rethinking the way we use resources to meet human needs in more sustainable ways.  With its strong base in engineering and the physical sciences, combined with economics and social sciences and its record of working with both commercial organisations and policy bodies, the Centre for Environmental Strategy at Surrey has been one of the key groups in the development of this new field.”

Professor Richard Murphy, Director of CES, said:

“The award of the ISIE Society Prize to Roland Clift is very warmly appreciated by all his colleagues in CES and elsewhere. The award is a fitting recognition of Roland’s outstanding contribution as a founder of the discipline of Industrial Ecology which has emerged over the last 25 years as essential underpinning knowledge for the development of new approaches and policies for managing global sustainability. Under Roland’s chairmanship the ISIE 2015 Conference was an outstanding success with over 550 delegates, showing the dynamism and international reach that Industrial Ecology has now attained.”

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Professor Richard Murphy – Director, CES     Tel. 01483 686680

Mrs Moira Foster - Centre Administrator          Tel. 01483 686670

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