Published: 03 October 2018

Surrey teams up with Technics to explore autonomous vehicle radar technology

Researchers in Surrey’s Department of Mechanical Engineering Sciences  have won Innovate UK funding with Technics to undertake a feasibility study into the performance of localisation systems for autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous vehicles

In the project, Surrey will collaborate with geospatial surveying company Technics to investigate an autonomous vehicle localisation solution using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).

An accurate, robust and reliable localisation system is essential for the widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles. The performance of localisation systems is very dependent on the information sources used, but the current on-board sensing systems employed by autonomous vehicles – which use LiDAR and camera-based techniques – are constrained by issues such as cost and lack of accuracy in all-weather and all-light conditions.

Dr Saber Fallah, senior lecturer in vehicle and mechatronic systems at Surrey, says: “This is an exciting opportunity to work closely with a successful company, apply our knowledge in connected autonomous vehicles into the real world problem and to be instrumental in bringing new products to market“.

Graham Mills, founder and chairman of Technics says, “To gain funding and be selected for this project is a great achievement for Technics, and we look forward to providing valuable results to support the improvement of these systems to enable a future with autonomous vehicles.”


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