press release
Published: 22 September 2021

University of Surrey's response to the Government's AI strategy

The University of Surrey is the UK's leading university for computer vision and audio-visual artificial intelligence (AI) research. The Institute builds on over 30 years of world-leading research in fundamental AI theory and practical application pioneering ground-breaking technologies in health, security, communication and entertainment.

Welcoming the UK’s first National AI Strategy, Professor Adrian Hilton from the University of Surrey said:

"While AI has the potential to bring many benefits to society and the economy, it also poses challenges in areas such as fairness and inclusion. At Surrey, we are taking a different approach by putting people at the heart of AI to ensure that everyone benefits. People-centred AI puts the needs of individuals and communities at the very heart of everything we do, driving research and enabling the design of AI technologies and systems which are ethical, responsible and inclusive. The country’s first National AI strategy lays the groundwork to this brighter future, but it is up to academia, government, and industry to work together to make AI the force for good that it should be.”

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