Extenuating circumstances

During the course of your studies you may experience unforeseen exceptional circumstances that temporarily impair your ability to participate in your programme, submit your assessments or attend examinations or other assessment related events such as an in-semester test or a performance. In such exceptional cases, you may consider applying for extenuating circumstances. Before doing so, it is strongly recommended that you first discuss the matter with either your personal tutor or Academic Hive team to ensure you fully understand the implications of this process for your particular circumstances.

More information on extenuating circumstances including self-certification, required evidence, making an application, etc, can be found on MySurrey and in the Regulations for extenuating circumstances.

If you become aware after the deadline or event affected, after your results are ratified and released, then you should make an academic appeal on the grounds of extenuating circumstances. 

Your evidence will need to show two things:

  1. That your performance was affected by extenuating circumstances.
  2. That there were valid reasons why you could not report your extenuating circumstances at the time. (See Regulation 37 of the regulations for extenuating circumstances (PDF) for full details of what may be considered a valid reason for not having provided evidence at the relevant time.)


If you have any questions, get in touch with your individual faculty: