Adrienne Tingyao Liu

Joint PhD Student
BCom. MSc.

Academic and research departments

School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

My research project

My qualifications

BCom. Management
Rotman Commerce
University of Toronto
MSc. International Hospitality Management (Euro-Masters)
University of Surrey

My publications


Y Liu, H Li, W Tian (2010)Modeling Government Credit Information Systems Diffusion in China: A System Dynamics Approach, In: PACIS 2010 Proceedingspp. 1751-1758

This paper examines the usage and diffusion of Government Credit Information Systems (GCIS) in district-level governments in shanghai. The diffusion of GCIS was studied from a process-oriented perspective. A System Dynamics (SD) model is developed to simulate the relationships of technological, organizational and environmental, and institutional factors on GCIS diffusion under different management policies. A holistic view on the feedback loops, the consequently nonlinear behavior pattern of GCIS usage, and its diffusion in Shanghai government agencies is examined. Our research model and results suggest that workload faced by GCIS users and the tolerable maximum workload have a high impact on GCIS usage, task volume brought by GCIS, work pressure and the perception of technological factors. Different combination of work intensity and the tolerable maximum work intensity significantly influence the system usage. The contribution of our study lies in revealing that the diffusion of GCIS requires a systematic consideration of the business development plan, the GCIS user's workload and the organization's business environment. Flexible managerial incentive strategy will enhance user's work efficiency, thus lead to effective diffusion of GCIS in organizations. The theoretical and practical implications of this study are discussed.

Shanchen Pang, Qian Gao, Ting Liu, Hua He, Guangquan Xu, Kaitai Liang (2019)A Behavior Based Trustworthy Service Composition Discovery Approach in Cloud Environment, In: IEEE Access7pp. 56492-56503 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

With the development of cloud computing, more and more individuals and organizations have moved local application resources into the cloud computing resource pool in the form of Web services so that users can choose to invoke. This paper proposes a trustworthy service composition discovery approach to satisfy user requirements including behavioral constraints in a cloud environment. First, we build a global service composition discovery model based on sematic relationships between attributes and present a service composition discovery method. Then, we propose a method for detecting behavioral consistency. We validate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed solutions through a case study.