Aneirin Ellis

Postgraduate Research Student


My research project


Aneirin R. Ellis, Igor P. Marko, Timothy D. Eales, Laurent Cerutti, Marta Rio Calvo, Laura Monge Bartolome, Jean-Baptiste Rodriguez, Eric Tournie, Stephen J. Sweeney (2021)Carrier Recombination Processes in 2.3-mu m Epitaxially Grown Mid-Infrared Laser Diodes on Si(001), In: 27TH INTERNATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR LASER CONFERENCE (ISLC 2021) IEEE

Epitaxial growth of III-V lasers on CMOS-compatible Si(001) is a key component in the realisation of photonic integrated circuits. In this work we investigate the mechanisms underpinning the performance of first generation GaSb-based devices grown epitaxially on industry-standard Si.

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