Bruce Griffin

Professor Bruce Griffin

Professor of Nutritional Metabolism
BSc PhD RNutr
+44 (0)1483 689724
32 PG 00



Professor Griffin is a biomedical scientist with expertise in lipid metabolism, nutritional biochemistry and cardiovascular disease. After gaining a BSc with first class honours in medical laboratory science at Portsmouth Polytechnic in 1984, he undertook a PhD on the effects of exercise and diet on human plasma lipoproteins at the University of Aberdeen, under the supervision of Professor Ronald Maughan and Dr Roy Skinner (1988). This was followed by postdoctoral research in Pathological Biochemistry at Glasgow Royal Infirmary with Professors Jim Shepherd and Chris Packard. Since 1994, he has held academic posts as a Lecturer, Senior lecturer, Reader and Professor of Nutritional Metabolism at the University of Surrey. He is a teacher of undergraduate dietitians, nutritionists and food scientists, and Masters students in nutritional medicine and human nutrition. He is active as a researcher and external speaker in human nutrition in relation to cardiovascular health, and has published widely on the topics of blood lipids, dietary macronutrients and cardiovascular disease. Professor Griffin's research has been supported by grants from the Medical Research Council, British Heart Foundation, Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, Food Standards Agency, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, and various industries.  

Research interests

Role of human nutrition in the pathophysiology of cardiovascular disease; effects of diet on blood lipids and lipoprotein metabolism; genetic and environmental determinants of cardiovascular atherosclerosis.

Research grants 

1991: Susceptibility of LDL subfractions to oxidative modification in relation to coronary heart disease. (MRC) 

1991: Role of antioxidants and dietary fatty acids in the oxidative modification of human plasma LDL (MAFF)

1993: Low density lipoprotein carbohydrate as a determinant of LDL subfraction metabolism (MRC)         

1996: Can the metabolic effects of dietary n-3 PUFA be explained by changes in the expression of lipase genes in adipose tissue? (BBSRC)

1997: The influence of dietary n-3 PUFA on the structure, function and metabolism of TAG-rich lipoproteins in healthy individuals. (BBSRC)

1998: Importance of alpha-linolenic acid as a source of long chain n-3 PUFA and its influence on risk factors of cardiovascular disease. (UK Food Standards Agency)

2000: Vitamin E biokinetics and metabolism in dyslipidaemia.(BHF)

2000: Quantification of the optimal n-6 / n-3 ratio in the UK diet. The 'OPTILIP' study (UK Food Standards Agency)

2003: Effect of low glycaemic index foods on blood lipids in type 2 diabetes 

2003: Impact of the amount and composition of dietary fat and carbohydrate on metabolic syndrome and CVD risk; The 'RISCK' Study. (UK Food Standards Agency)

2005: Effects of increased egg consumption on a weight-reducing diet on blood cholesterol & related biomarkers of CHD risk (British Egg Information Service)

2008: Dietary intervention study to determine the effects of prawns on serum cholesterol and related biomarkers of CHD risk (DEFRA)

2009: How does dietary carbohydrate influence the formation of an atherogenic lipoprotein phenotype? (BBSRC)

2014: Risk-assessed exercise and diet intervention for men with prostate cancer. (Prostate Cancer UK)

2016: Mechanisms to explain variation in the serum low density lipoprotein cholesterol response to dietary saturated fat. (BBSRC)

Research collaborations

  • University of Reading
  • Kings College London
  • Imperial College London
  • MRC unit of Human Nutrition Research, Cambridge
  • University of Glasgow
  • Harakopio University, Athens, Greece
  • Aarhus University, Denmark


I teach and examine on  undergraduate modules associated with BSc Degree programmes in Nutrition, Nutrition & Dietetics, Nutrition & Food Science and Biochemistry, and two MSc programmes.

  • BSc Degree programmes in Nutrition, Nutrition & Dietetics; Nutrition & Food Science, lecture topics include the Regulation & disorders of energy and lipid metabolism; Biomedical sciences; Macronutrients (dietary fats), Food Science
  • MSc Degree programmes in Nutritional Medicine (Lipids & essential fatty acids) and Human Nutrition. 

Departmental duties

Supervise MSc and PhD research programmes

Chairman for the Exam Board in Nutritional Medicine 2006 to date

Degree programme review panel member for BSc Undergraduate Framework for Lifelong Learning in Health and Social Care Practice, EIHMS, University of Surrey (2007)

Member of the Faculty's Research Advisory Board, FHMS, University of Surrey (2014-16)


  • Biochemical Society (1985-88)
  • British Hyperlipidaemia Association (1990-2002)
  • H.E.A.R.T. UK (2002 - to date)
  • The Nutrition Society (1994 - to date)
  • British Atherosclerosis Society (1997-2006)
  • The Royal Society of Medicine's Forum on Lipids in Clinical Medicine (1999-2006)
  • Scottish Heart and Arterial disease Risk Prevention Group (1999-2003)
  • Registered Nutritionist (RNutr 1999-to date)
  • Member of the College of Medicine's working group on nutrition

Additional Information

Current Editorial Board membership:

  • European Journal of Nutrition 
  • British Nutrition Foundation's Nutrition Bulletin


  • British Hyperlipidaemia Association (BHA) Committee member (1999-2002)
  • Chairman for ILSI Europe's Functional Foods Task Force meetings in Lisbon, Portugal (2003) and Bordeaux, France (2004)
  • Deputy Director of Supra-regional Assay Service (SAS) in Cardiovascular Risk Assessment for the NHS Trust University of Surrey & RSCH (2003 - 2012)
  • Nutrition Society's Scientific Committee


Research interests

Research projects

Indicators of esteem

  • I am Research Section Leader in Metabolic Medicine, Food and Macronutrients within the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Surrey, Theme Leader in Whole Body Metabolism and member of the Scientific Committee for the Nutrition Society, and an Editorial Board Member for the European Journal of Nutrition.  

My teaching

My publications



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