Cathy Gagnon

Postgraduate Research Student
MSc with Distinction, Behavioural Decision Sciences

Academic and research departments

Cognitive Psychology research group, School of Psychology.


My research project

University roles and responsibilities

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Research Assistant, Surrey Sleep Centre

    My qualifications

    Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching
    University of Surrey
    Fellowship Status (FHEA)
    University of Surrey/AdvanceHE
    Postgraduate Certificate with Distinction in Research Methods
    University of Huddersfield
    MSC with Distinction in Behavioural Decision Science
    Kingston University London


    Cathy Gagnon, Adrian Banks, Patrice Rusconi (2021)Moderators of Acquiescing to Intuition: Strength of Intuition, Task Characteristics and Individual Differences, In: Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society43 eScholarship, University of California

    Will people maintain their initial intuitive decision even when they know the rational answer is different? Some dual-process models assume that there is a process of detection and correction of initial intuitive biases. But do these models also account for patterns of behaviour that some people exhibit when they return to their initial intuitive response, even after acknowledging the rational response? Over four studies we tested for acquiescence by asking participants to solve congruent and incongruent problems utilising a three-response decision paradigm, manipulating base-rate and ratios as well as measuring both Cognitive Reflection Test (CRT) and Rational-Experiential Inventory (REI) responses. Results suggest that for incongruent problems participants demonstrated acquiescence across all studies. In addition, although individuals appear to be more rational, and can explicitly recognise the rational response, in some case when moderated by task characteristics, and cognitive reflection, they are unable to supress their initial intuitive decision.