Professor David Carey

Professor, Director of Learning and Teaching, School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
PhD (Dublin), CEng, FInstP, FIET
By appointment
Personal Assistant: Kelly Green


University roles and responsibilities

  • Director of Learning and Teaching for the School of CS&EE
  • Undergraduate External Examiner at the University of Southampton (2019-2023)
  • Head of Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2015 - 2022

    My qualifications

    CEng Chartered Engineer

    Affiliations and memberships

    Institute of Physics
    Higher Education Academy
    Institution of Engineering Technology
    American Physical Society
    EPSRC Peer Review College


    Research interests

    Selected research publications and invited conference presentations

    1. (invited) Advances in Graphene Science and Engineering for Electronic Applications, session Advances in Dielectric Materials and Electronic Devices: Ferroics and Multiferroics, Materials Science and Technology 2019 (MS&T19), Portland, Oregon, September 2019.
    2. Optically Modulated Magnetic Resonance of Erbium Implanted Silicon, Mark A. Hughes, Heqing Li, Nafsika Theodoropoulou, and J. David Carey, Sci. Rep. 9, 19031 (2019).
    3. Controlled Sonication as a Route to in-situ Graphene Flake Size Control, Piers Turner, Mark Hodnett, Robert Dorey and J. David Carey, Sci. Rep. 9, 8710, (2019)
    4. Molecular Design of pH-Sensitive Ru(II)-Polypyridyl Luminophores, Julia Romanova, Yousif Sadik, M. R. Ranga Prabhath, J. David Carey and Peter D. Jarowski, J. Phys. Chem. A 123, 4921 (2019).
    5. Protected Catalyst Growth of Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes, Muhammad Ahmad, José V. Anguita, C. Ducati, J. David Carey and S. Ravi P. Silva, Carbon 149, 71 (2019)
    6. Graphene Microstrip Patch Ultrawide Band Antennas for THz Communications, Mojtaba Dashti and J David Carey, Adv. Funct. Mater. 28, 1705925 (2018).
    7. (invited) Graphene and other 2D Materials: Properties and Applications, Seminar at the School of Engineering, Cardiff University, May 2018
    8. Engineering tunable single and dual optical emission from Ru(II)-polypydridyl complexes through excited state design, J. Romanova, Y Sadik, M.R.R.Prabhath, J David Carey and P.D. Jarowski, J. Phys. Chem. C 121, 2333 (2017).
    9. (Invited) Presented the Opening Lecture at the NanoteC16 on '2D and Related Materials: From Production to Advanced Electronic Applications'.
    10. Organic-inorganic hybrid cathodes: Facile synthesis of polypyrrole/zinc oxide nanofibers for low turn-on electron field emitters, Ishpal Rawal, J David Carey, O.S. Panwar, R.K. Tripathi, RSC Advances 6, 46372 (2016).
    11. Engineering Graphene Conductivity for Flexible and High-Frequency Applications, Alexander J Samuels and J David Carey, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 7, 22246 (2015).
    12. High Quality Carbon Nanotubes on Conductive Substrates Grown at Low Temperatures, Muhammad Ahmad, Jose V. Anguita, Vlad Stolojan, Tony Corless, Jeng-Shiung Chen, J. David Carey and S. Ravi P. Silva, Adv. Funct. Mater. 25, 4419 (2015).



    Here is a list of some recent research papers with links; a more complete list of peer-reviewed publications can be found via the Google Scholar website.