Dr George Warren

Knowledge Exchange Fellow
PhD Geography; MSc Risk Analysis; BA (Hons) Geography
My main working hours are 9-5, Monday to Friday. When on campus I am based in room 04 AC 05.


Affiliations and memberships

Society for Risk Analysis
Higher Education Academy
Associate Fellow


George Warren, Birgitta Carolina Maria Gatersleben, Harry Marshall, Valentine Iona Seymour (2024)Benefits, drawbacks, barriers, and drivers of working with other disciplines and stakeholders: ACCESS literature review report University of Surrey
George W. Warren, Birgitta Gatersleben, Valentine Seymour, Harry Marshall, Gerardo A. Torres Contreras (2024)Factors influencing Environmental Social Science inclusion in policy and practice University of Surrey

Advancing Capacity for Climate and Environment Social Science (ACCESS) is an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) funded project, which aims to champion and coordinate social science research, to build capacity and promote and enhance the value of environmental social science in research and practice to address key environmental challenges. ACCESS’s first step is to learn from the past experiences of social scientists in climate and environment training, research, policy and practice through various research activities. This report summarises the key findings of one of these activities: exploratory interviews with participants from academic, governmental and non-governmental sectors to explore the impact of UK-based Environmental Social Science (ESS) into policy and practice. Specifically, this report focuses on participants’ experiences of the factors hindering or enhancing the integration of ESS into policy and practice. The aim of this research is to provide evidence to promote greater inclusion of ESS into policy and practice by outlining the key factors influencing its impact. To achieve these wider project aims, findings presented here will be combined with evidence emerging from other activities conducted within the ACCESS project to inform a broader set of recommendations to enhance the inclusion of ESS into research, training and policy and practice. This is with the wider ACCESS goal of supporting and building capacity for ESS in the UK. Findings presented in this report, and subsequent reports of this nature, can be applicable for those working in academia, the government agencies (intermediates), non-governmental organisations, and the policy makers wanting to understand current and future ways in which UK-based ESS can be integrated into research, training, and policy and practice. It is important to note that perceptions of enhancing and hindering factors were collected through the interviews; assessing the extent of their reality in practice would require other observatory methods that were not undertaken in this study (see Newman, 2023).

Birgitta Gatersleben, George William Warren, Valentine Seymour, Harry Marshall, Gerardo A. Torres Contreras (2024)What is Environmental Social Science? ACCESS interview report University of Surrey