Hamid Omidvarborna

Dr Hamid Omidvarborna

Research Fellow
Chemical/Environmental Engineering, PhD



Research interests

My publications


Omidvarborna Hamid, Kumar Prashant, Tiwari Arvind (2020)‘Envilution™’ chamber for performance evaluation of low-cost sensors, In: Atmospheric Environment223117264 Elsevier
Kumar Prashant, Omidvarborna Hamid, Pilla Francesco, Lewin Neil (2020)A primary school driven initiative to influence commuting style for dropping-off and picking-up of pupils, In: Science of the Total Environment727138360 Elsevier
Kumar Prashant, Hama Sarkawt, Omidvarborna Hamid, Sharma Ashish, Sahani Jeetendra, Abhijith K.V, Debele Sisay E., Zavala-Reyes Juan C., Barwise Yendle, Tiwari Arvind Temporary reduction in fine particulate matter due to ‘anthropogenic emissions switch-off’ during COVID-19 lockdown in Indian cities, In: Sustainable Cities and Society102382 Elsevier

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