My research project

University roles and responsibilities

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA)
  • Surrey Reproducibility Society (Acting President)

    My qualifications

    MSc in Developmental Psychology
    BSc (Hons) in Psychology


    Lauren Jenner, Caroline Richards, Rachel Howard , Joanna Moss (2023)Heterogeneity of autism characteristics in genetic syndromes: key considerations for assessment and support, In: Current Developmental Disorders Reports Springer

    Purpose of Review Elevated prevalence of autism characteristics is reported in genetic syndromes associated with intellectual disability. This review summarises recent evidence on the behavioural heterogeneity of autism in the following syndromes: Fragile X, Cornelia de Lange, Williams, Prader-Willi, Angelman, Down, Smith-Magenis, and tuberous sclerosis complex. Key considerations for assessment and support are discussed. Recent Findings The profile and developmental trajectory of autism-related behaviour in these syndromes indicate some degree of syndrome specificity which may interact with broader behavioural phenotypes (e.g. hypersociability), intellectual disability, and mental health (e.g. anxiety). Genetic subtype and co-occurring epilepsy within syndromes contribute to increased significance of autism characteristics. Autism-related strengths and challenges are likely to be overlooked or misunderstood using existing screening/diagnostic tools and criteria, which lack sensitivity and specificity within these populations. Summary Autism characteristics are highly heterogeneous across genetic syndromes and often distinguishable from non-syndromic autism. Autism diagnostic assessment practices in this population should be tailored to specific syndromes. Service provisions must begin to prioritise needs-led support.

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