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Lewis Dunne

PhD Candidate



I studied for my undergraduate degree in Psychology at De Montfort University, Leicester. My dissertation project was a behavioural study on the effects of mathematical training on novel decision making & problem solving.

I then completed my Master of Science degree at the University of Surrey in 2014. For my MSc dissertation project I used EEG to investigate the effects of environmental context manipulations on the neural correlates of recognition memory.

Directly after this I started working as a research assistant for the Brain and Behaviour Group where I carried out a combined TMS and tDCS motor learning study before starting my PhD in early 2016.

Research interests

My PhD will use neuroimaging methods to study the interplay between attention and memory, and how different brain networks support these processes.

Aside from this, I maintain my interest in judgement & decision making / heuristics & biases.


Member of the Brain & Behaviour Research Group

My publications


Minarik, T., Sauseng, P., Dunne, L., Berger, B., & Sterr, A. (2015). Effects of anodal transcranial direct current stimulation on visually guided learning of grip force control. Biology, 4(1), 173-86.